Perdita (Perdy)

Announcing our Summer 2021 Planned Litter - Perdy X Fabio

Meet our future breeding pair

Beauty Belle and Beastie Beau are going to make beautiful puppies!  We already know that their genetics are good, so providing that they both pass their OFA tests we will plan to breed them in 2022.  Belle is from our 2020 Fabio x Perdy litter, and Beau comes to us from Lava Rock Adventures Hilo x Coca out of Idaho. 

Beauty and The Beast

I have had Perdy since she was a puppy.  She is 75% English Creme and 25% American Golden Retriever and she has a beautiful feminine look compared to Pongo's very sturdy structure. She is also AKC registered.  She does not like being outside as much as Pongo does, but she loves to play with toys.  The first thing she does when she wakes up is to bring some kind of prize to me and she likes to stay by my side. She would make a wonderful therapy dog. Perdy has passed her OFA eyes, hips, and elbow clearances and is clear for PRA 1&2, PRCD, and MD. Her next breeding is scheduled for Summer 2021, so we will have puppies ready for new homes around the end of October 2021.

Beastie Beau


Fabio is an incredible stud with an amazing multi-international pedigree. He sires the most amazing puppies. Fabio is a stud for the serious breeder. Both parents are multi-international Champions. His mother is Golden Romance Starlight and his father is Yes Sir Oligarchia; both can be found on K9data. Fabio is a direct import from Serbia and he is the sweetest boy I have ever met. He has a lush gorgeous creme coat, beautiful conformation and a blocky head with a beautiful eye. He has had all of his health clearances: eye, hip, elbow and an echocardiogram for his heart certification. He is ALL CLEAR for ICT, PRA 1&2 PRCD and MD. Fabio is owned by Carolyn Nielsen and we are honored to have Perdy approved to breed a litter with him.  If you would like a puppy from this pair, more information and instructions for reserving a puppy are located on our Puppies page.