This is an awesome story demonstrating the great work of 4Gold Service and Rescue.  We are so proud of our Golden Hills dogs and the work they are doing.  KUTV-Pay-It-Forward


Golden Hills Retrievers in the News

Starting in 2020, Golden Hills began its own puppy donation program by donating a puppy to 4Gold Service and Rescue. 4Gold is a wonderful organization that provides service animals and funding for training to those with special medical or ability needs. Learn more about this this organization by visiting

Our Experience

I first took an interest I breeding high-quality dogs in my early twenties when I raised Shetland Sheepdogs.  My interest in Golden Retrievers started with a sweet pet named Honey that we had years ago, and when I bought this little farm in Brigham City in 2014 I decided that I was finally in a place where I could offer a great environment to get back into breeding.   My philosophy on breeding is to provide puppies the best possible start in life so that they contribute to better the gene pool, so they make the best possible new family members for my puppy families, and so they receive the best life a dog can live. I screen my breeding dogs with recommended health tests, I provide early stimulation and learning protocols for puppies, and I seek to screen puppy buyers to ensure they are prepared for what it takes to care for a Golden Retriever for its entire life.

Vixen is one of the two puppies from Perdy's 2019 and 2020 litters that have gone to become service dogs through 4Gold Service and Rescue.

This is a nice story about a sibling to Perdy.  They come from good stock and make wonderful service and therapy dogs.  

Golden Hills Puppy Donation Program

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