Our Breeding Program

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Quality Golden Retrievers raised in a loving home with acres to roam.

Among the most intelligent of dogs, Golden Retrievers are great companion dogs and pets that have great temperaments with children.  Our dogs go through obedience training and we look forward to utilizing their abilities for use as service and therapy dogs. They have ample space to get exercise on my property and spend ample amounts of time in the company of myself, grand kids, family, and friends so they are well socialized. Puppies are introduced to handling and training from the moment of birth.

Sales are for AKC limited registration only, however, I will also consider guardian homes for select puppies to those who wish a lower purchase price in exchange for me to retain breeding rights for a certain period.   This is a win-win arrangement all around as the dogs get to be be raised in their forever home, while allowing us to further refine our breeding stock to breed out unwanted genetic deficiencies without raising the dogs in a kennel.  Please ask for further information about a guardianship arrangement.

Starting in 2020 we will begin donating one puppy per year to 4Gold Service and Rescue for the purposes of providing it as a service dog.  Visit 4goldserviceandrescue.org to learn more about their organization and how to apply if you are interested in receiving a service animal or if you wish to volunteer as a puppy raiser.

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